Trivia: The Man in the High Castle

  • Mutually Fictional: Subverted. The Grasshopper Lies Heavy is a book set in a fictional world where the Allies won World War II, but it is yet another Alternate History.
  • Reality Subtext: Philip K. Dick actually did consult the I Ching while coming up with ideas for the book, much as Hawthorne does when writing his. This may imply he is something of an Author Avatar.
  • Science Marches On: The mentions of Nazi colonies on Mars and Venus by 1962. Both the ease of getting to those planets, and the habitability of the latter, were overestimated in The Sixties.
  • Shout-Out: Many in the series.
    • In Episode 2, Joe sits down to watch TV. Among several familiar-looking TV shows is one called "American Reich", which has an opening of a police badge on a blue background and a Suspiciously Similar Substitute of the Dragnet theme. The policemen's voices are likewise "just the facts, ma'am" deadpan.
  • What Could Have Been: Dick toyed around with several ideas for a sequel, but he couldn't bring himself to do more research on Nazi Germany, which he found profoundly depressing and soul-draining enough for one novel. Among them were:
    • The first draft of The Ganymede Takeover.
    • A story called "Ring Of Fire" where the Nazis discover our world and steal nuclear weapons while a hybrid Japanese-American culture emerges.
    • An early version of Radio Free Albemuth where the VALIS satellite was communicating Hawthorne Abendsen's next book to him and keeping the Gestapo away.