Trivia: The Lone Ranger

The Radio Series:

  • Acting for Two: John Todd, who voiced Tonto in the radio series, was an accomplished Shakespearean actor. He was often drafted to play several roles (usually the bad guys) in any given episode.
  • Actor Existence Limbo: After the death of Earle Graser in a car accident, the writers of the radio serial had to quickly do revisions to the show's storyline in order to avert The Character Died with Him (some newspapers treated Graser as inseparable from the Lone Ranger, so much so that their headlines implied it was the death of the character) and provide a smooth transition to his new actor, Brace Beemer. This necessitated the Ranger becoming incapacitated and unable to speak for a few weeks. (Graser's "Hi Yo, Silver' continued to be heard long after his death, however, and this extended into television and movies as well.) Beemer's voice was deeper and richer than Graser's, suggesting that the Ranger had got his Heroic Second Wind.
  • What Could Have Been: One of the many actors who auditioned to replace Earle Graser was future 60 Minutes correspondent Mike Wallace.

The TV Series:

  • The Other Darrin: Clayton Moore was temporarily replaced on the TV Series by John Hart due to a dispute over either salary or creative differences.

The Film: