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Trivia: The Legend of Zelda
Works with their own Trivia pages:

Trivia for the franchise in general:

  • It was revealed in an interview Miyamoto gave to a French website that Link's appearance was, like Mario before him, influenced by the NES's graphical limitations. Miyamoto wanted Link to be easily recognizable, and able to visibly use his sword and shield. The weapons were thus made big and easily visible, and Link was given his trademark pointy hat and long ears so that he could easily be distinguished from his equipment despite the sprite's small size. The pointy hat and long ears, in turn, reminded Miyamoto and his team of elves, most notably Disney's Peter Pan, hence the decision to color Link's outfit green and make his design more elf-like.
    • From the same interview, it was also revealed that Link's name came from an early idea for the series: the Triforce was meant to be a bunch of electronic chips that the hero would collect by travelling between the future and the past. The hero was named "Link" to symbolize the fact that he was the Link between the time periods. Even though the series ended up taking on a totally different approach, the name "Link" stuck ever since.
  • Adaptation Sequence: Video games —> Cartoon —> Comic
  • Cash Cow Franchise: One of Nintendo's Big Three, along with Mario and Pokémon.
  • Fan Nickname: Most of the Links have one out of necessity. Usually its an abridgment of their hero titles (fanon or canon) - Wind, Sky, Time, Twilight, etc.
  • Killer App: It's guaranteed that a Zelda release will coincide with a massive spike in Nintendo console sales. It (along with Mario) is basically Nintendo's home console equivalent to Pokémon.
  • No Export for You:
    • Several Zelda manga have yet to be released outside of Japan.
    • Tetra's Trackers from the Japanese version of Four Swords Adventures.
    • The Satellaview games for the Super Famicom: the first being a remake of Zelda 1 (with different map layouts), and the second being a Timed Mission in the A Link to the Past engine, where your hero (not Link, who is currently stuck on Koholint Island) must collect the 8 stone tablets to seal Ganon again, after his seal weakened.
    • The three Tingle Spin-Off games: the first one, Freshly Picked Tingles Rosy Rupeeland, was released only in Japan and Europe; the US version was cancelled under popular demand from an online NOA poll. It has greed as a game mechanic. The latter two, only released in Japan, are a Ballon Fight clone, and a sequel to the first game but with Dating Sim elements, of all things.
  • Word of God:

Trivia for the animated series:

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