Trivia / The Ladykillers

  • Acting for Two: Peter Sellers also voiced Mrs. Wilberforce's birds.
  • Actor Allusion: The photograph of Mrs. Wilberforce's late husband is of Alec Guinness as Admiral Lord Horatio in Kind Hearts and Coronets.
  • BFI Top 100 British Films: #13.
  • Creative Differences: William Rose and Alexander Mackendrick quarreled violently during pre-production work on the film, with the result that Rose stormed off leaving his screenplay not quite finished. Mackendrick and a TV comedy writer, Larry Stevens, provided the finishing touches. Later, Rose apologized profusely to Mackendrick and praised his handling of the film lavishly.
  • Fatal Method Acting: Alec Guinness narrowly averted this filming the finale: the railroad sign which kills his character nearly decapitated Guinness for real, cutting his jacket and missing his head by inches. Guinness said that he only survived because he accidentally missed his mark for the shot in question; understandably, he refused to shoot another take.
  • Reality Subtext: Mrs. Wilberforce mentions that she received the news of the queen's death at her twenty-first birthday party. Mrs. Wilberforce's actress, Katie Johnson, was 22 when the real Queen Victoria died.
  • Star-Making Role: For Peter Sellers' film career, in Britain at least.
  • What Could Have Been: