Trivia / The Invaders

The Comic Book
  • Unexpected Character: In Issue 33, it's revealed that Dr. Olsen's bandaged assistant is actually a young Victor von Doom.

The Television Series

  • Creator Backlash: More of a backlash against a creator's idea - series creator Larry Cohen's notion that many (but not all) of the aliens would have a little finger they couldn't bend was considered ridiculous by many of the crew.
  • Follow the Leader: The Invaders has been accused of being a Science Fiction variation of an earlier Quinn Martin series, The Fugitive.
  • Name's the Same: The series title, of course. Also, the David Vincent from this show is neither the singer of Death Metal band Morbid Angel nor a voice actor who specializes in anime and video games.
  • What Could Have Been: 90's Usenet personality Gharlane of Eddore once told an anecdote about going to the show's producers and pitching a script idea that revealed Vincent's second-season backer Edgar Scoville was in fact a benevolent alien, only to find himself instantly tossed out onto the street; either the producers really hated the idea, or they already had a similar plan.