Trivia: The Hollywood Squares

  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: As listed under Memetic Mutation on the YMMV page, one of Paul Lynde's most-quoted zingers, usually done by the quoter with Lynde's trademark mannerisms and voice, is "Because chiffon wrinkles!"note , despite that not being what Lynde actually said — what he actually said was "Because chiffon wrinkles too easily."
  • Fan Nickname: "Beaverface" for Peter Marshall, after this question:
    Peter Marshall: Paul, true or false your teeth are about the same size and shape as a pig's.
    Paul Lynde: Look who's talking, Beaverface!
    • H2 for the last two seasons of the Bergeron edition, due to that being its new logo ("Hollywood Squared," get it?).
      Giant Bomb: [during a review of the 2010 game] So we're actually playing Hollywood Hollywood.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Each host was fairly well-known before taking over Hollywood Squares:
    • Peter Marshall was a noted actor of both stage and screen, notably appearing in the West End production of Bye Bye Birdie in London in 1962.
    • Similarly, John Davidson was known as an actor and singer, who hosted the ABC series That's Incredible! from 1980-1984 and would go on to replace Dick Clark as host of The $100,000 Pyramid in 1991.
    • Tom Bergeron was known in Boston as a local TV personality, and during the run of Squares he also became the host of America's Funniest Home Videos, lasting until 2015. A year after Squares ended, he became a co-host of Dancing with the Stars.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: All over the place.
    • Kenny Williams would later become the announcer for nearly all other Merrill Heatter game shows, except Temptation, Magificent Marble Machine and Battlestars, until his death in 1984. Among others, he was heard on High Rollers and Gambit.
    • Shadoe Stevens was a disc jockey who did the VO work for The Kentucky Fried Movie, replaced Casey Kasem as the host of radio's American Top 40, and more recently was the announcer during Craig Ferguson's run on The Late Late Show. Sometimes, his brother Richard (also a disc jockey) filled in for him on the Davidson version.
      • For one week of the Davidson version, Shadoe hosted and Howard Stern announced from Shadoe's usual square- Howie would later parody that version on his Channel 9 TV show as "Homeless Howiewood Squares", featuring homeless people as contestants, and the panel consisted of the Wack Pack and, oddly enough, Gene Rayburn (possibly as a reference to the disastrous The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour he was a part of).
    • Jeffrey Tambor (The Larry Sanders Show) took over on the Bergeron version for a season. When he was unavailable, producer Henry Winkler (yes, that one) filled in.
    • Rod Roddy (The Price Is Right, Press Your Luck) announced the Game Show Hosts week in 2002.
    • John Moschitta (who holds the Guinness record for "world's fastest talker" and is known to children of the 1980s as the Micro Machines Man and Blurr, in addition to doing FedEx commercials) announced the final Bergeron season and later announced Balderdash on PAX.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The Peter Marshall-hosted versions were believed to have been largely destroyed until around 2002, when several hundred episodes (the number varies- Peter Marshall said in a webchat there were 3500 episodes they stumbled across) from both the daytime and nighttime versions were found unintentionally as part of a search for episodes of Dark Shadows, of all shows (read more here). Even then, GSN aired them only from 2002 to 2003.
    • The Davidson version was rerun on the USA Network for a few years in the '90s and hasn't been seen since.
  • Screwed by the Network: The NBC version. Despite being the number one game show in daytime at the time, then NBC president and CEO Fred Silverman abruptly cancelled it, after moving its time slot around several times, along with Chain Reaction and High Rollers, to make room for a 90-minute talk show hosted by David Letterman. Reportedly, Silverman had passed on the show back when he was vice president of daytime programming at CBS, and after seeing it become a big hit on NBC, was obviously not happy.
  • Troubled Production: The Vegas episodes. Paul Lynde was frustrated by the supposedly inferior lodging facilities in Vegas (among other things) and in general soured the overall mood.
  • What Could Have Been: Marc Summers was slated to host the 1998 revival but was dismissed for fears that his OCD (which he had revealed on The Oprah Winfrey Show a year prior) would make it difficult to work with him.
  • You Look Familiar: John Davidson was a semi-regular panelist on the Marshall Squares before becoming host of the third version.