Trivia: The Halloween Hack

  • Breakaway Pop Hit: "Megalovania" was actually written for this game's Final Boss. Most people associate it with Homestuck instead.
  • Fan Nickname: "Push the B-Button, Stupid!"
  • He Also Did: Radiation is one of the major contributors to the Homestuck soundtrack. He also created "Arn's Winter Quest," another EarthBound ROM hack that is decidedly more comedic than this one.
  • Shrug of God:
    • There were several hints in the game that Varik was supposed to be (a future?) Ness. The game calls you "Giygas slayer" at times, and people mistake you for Ness a lot. Radiation said that it just started with him "wanting to look lazy" by not editing Ness's death sprite, but then decided to keep going, since Ness and Varik are both blank, mute heroes. He said it's up to you to decide if they really are the same person.
    • There was also hints that Varik's intrusion upon Dr. Andonuts' Magicant was corrupting it, since there were places and people only Varik/Ness would remember. Radiation also said this just sort of happened.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Radiation originally planned to have Dr. Andonuts steal people's souls in order to bring back Jeff. He decided it sounded too goofy.
    • He also planned to change the intro song. You can hear the would-be intro if you go to southern Onett from Twoson.
  • Word of Gay: Radiation said on his site that the NO! NO! NO! boss was Dr. Andonuts' repressed homosexuality.