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Trivia: The Guild
  • Actor Allusion: In 3.5 Application'd, Zaboo can be seen wearing a ''Legend of Neil'' shirt. The Legend of Neil is another web series, created by Zaboo's actor, Sandeep Parikh. There are at least two Dr. Horrible references: Riley calling Zaboo "Bad Horse," and Codex putting up her fists while referring to "hammers." Also, Codex owns a frozen yogurt maker; in the musical, froyo was an important symbol for Penny and Billy's relationship.
  • Acting for Two: Tink's twin sisters Tara and Lara were originally supposed to be played by twin actresses but due to a scheduling snafu, they had to hire one of the extras to play both parts. And she had no acting experience.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!!: Considering what a shoestring the series started on, the number of these it's wracked over the years is doubley impressive.
  • One of Us:
    • Felicia Day definitely knows what she's writing about. Even people who don't play games but spend a lot of time online will recognize the character types.
    • And do we even need to talk about Wil Wheaton and his massive geekitude?

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