Trivia / The Graystone Saga

  • Contest Winner Cameo: Early in the story, the author held a contest, the winner of which will have a minor character named after them in a future chapter.
  • Series Hiatus: The story was on one of these for most of 2013, because of the author's health, moving, and other real life annoyances. It returned to a regular update schedule in early November of the same year.
  • Write Who You Know: A couple of the background characters are named after people the author knows, although none have the same personality as the people for whom they're named. The wisdom goddess Keren is named for the author's sister, and Father Brian (one of the only genuinely good people in the story) is named for a friend she's had since she was six.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: Part of the reason the story is being published in web serial format is because the author, in her own words, has no idea what she's doing and figures that since this trope works for her fanfic, it could work for her original material too.