Trivia / The Get Along Gang

  • Channel Hop: Nickelodeon aired the pilot episode. The series was then picked up by CBS.
  • Market-Based Title: The Swedish dub of this show renamed it. Instead of translating it to a Swedish equivalent of the original title, they called it "Kompisar," Swedish for "Buddies".
    • The French version is called "Les Amichaines".
  • Screwed by the Network: More a case of Screwed by the company that owns the characters, as in 2007, along with The Littles, S'More Entertainment was planning to release the complete series on DVD. However, American Greetings was successfully able to block the release completely. However, no explanation was given for why they blocked the release (it could've been related to the revival plans for the characters at the time, which were eventually canned). In any case, Mill Creek Entertainment eventually released the full series.note