Trivia: The Fox and the Hound

  • Blooper: When Tod is being chased by Chief a second time (as an adult), there are several shots where his collar is missing.
    • During the first chase, Chief goes after Tod while dragging his doghouse barrel behind him. When Amos runs out after them in the next scene, however, there are still two barrels: one with Copper tied to it and an empty one that should still be attached to Chief.
  • Creator Backlash: Several notable animators, including John Lasseter, Don Bluth and Tim Burton, rarely speak kindly of this film, citing it's tight-budgeted animation, which all but did away with the innovative technology the company had invented, as the final sign that Disney had become a shell of it's former self.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: It's pretty hard to come across a copy of the book. If you want to buy one be prepared to spare $200 to $300.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Tod is Mickey Rooney, Copper is Kurt Russell, Amos Slade is Grandpa Joe, Vixey is Queen Uberta, Chief is the Sheriff of Nottingham and Napoleon, the grumpy badger is Rufus, and Boomer and the porcupine are Tigger and Piglet, respectively.
  • Life Imitates Art: Meet Sniffer the fox and Tinni the Hound
  • Recursive Adaptation: The Disney books were inspired by the movie, which was inspired by the original novel.
  • Troubled Production: There were many troubles going on with the production. Several veteran animators either retired or died early in production, batshes of animation drawings were stolen, leaving several scenes to be rotoscoped from pencil tests, and Don Bluth led an exodus of practically half the animation team, which delayed its release by six months.
  • What Could Have Been: Don Bluth was assigned to co-direct the film until he and his colleagues departed from the studio in 1979. Scenes he worked on were the scenes of Widow Tweed milking the cow and her grabbing Slade's gun and accidentally shooting it.
    • Originally, Chief was going to die, thus making Copper's revenge against Tod much more extreme, but the idea was discarded for being too dark and was rewritten so Chief would get injured instead.