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Trivia: The Eye of Argon
  • Accidentally Accurate: There is in fact such a thing as scarlet emerald. It's not known if the author knew this, however.
  • Creator Killer
  • Old Shame: Unusual in that Jim Theis didn't write anything else, but did complain that the damage the story was doing to his reputation was unfair considering he wrote it thirty years earlier at age sixteen. However, he was a good enough sport about it that he'd read it out at conventions.
  • One-Book Author: Jim Theis died March 26, 2002, apparently of heart trouble. He was only 48.
  • What Could Have Been: In an interview he granted after the story achieved notoriety, Theis said that he was planning a massive rewrite, noting that - following the story's publication - he had been given constructive criticism from friends and had learned a lot about writing on his own. This new version never came. In the 80s, Theis granted another interview where he explained how the mockery and humiliation eventually got to the point where he decided to give up on the rewrite and on being an author entirely.

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