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Trivia: The Exterior
  • Development Hell: Considering the series is only filmed by two Finnish teenagers, with no schedules whatsoever, this is not a surprise.
  • Write Who You Know: The Emperors are the directors of Nosources Movies and General Saskai is a friend of theirs. Even the characters' names come from the names of the actual people.
  • You Look Familiar: Due to the shortage of actors available, almost every single actor plays at least two significant roles, along with a multitude of minor characters.
    • Arthur's actor portrays also the first Count of Night and a few minor characters, being the actor with the fewest roles in the series due to Arthur's status as the main character.
    • Samuel's actor portrays the Sun Wizard, Lord Vladimir, Rear Admiral Seŋanu, Doctor Šoita and Major Malgar, along with loads of minor characters such as guards, shadow creatures and Imperial citizens. He also gives his voice to the Magistrate.
    • Saskai's actor portrays Doctor Noita, along with a lot of minor characters.
    • Leksa Lepääjä's actor portrays Chief of the Guard Gurdin, most of the barbarians, and many other less significant roles.
    • The actor portraying the Fire Lord in Revolution is also Samuel's personal bodyguard Godruu, the Magistrate (aside from voice) and many other characters. A private joke in Nosources is that the actor's actual voice is never heard in any of their productions.
    • Admiral Miriam's actress plays a lot of minor characters, but doesn't have any other significant roles.
    • The God of Sun's actress also portrays the Fire Spirit Rubirin, along with many other roles.
    • Kasuga still doesn't have an actress to portray her role.

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