Put Franchise/TheDarkTower-related trivia here.

* AbilityOverAppearance: Creator/IdrisElba being cast as Roland in the film/TV adaptation. Since there is never any indication that Gilead has problems with racism, this probably won't affect the story, but Roland is also described in the books as looking like a young Creator/ClintEastwood. Creator/StephenKing has [[ApprovalOfGod given Elba his blessing in the role.]]
* The word "slughorn" used in the original poem "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came" is actually a medieval word for "slogan," meaning "battlecry." Browning used it to mean an actual horn after reading the 18th century poetry of Thomas Chatterton, who seemed to believe that the word indicates a musical instrument. This is a little ironic given the end of the Dark Tower series, in which Roland cries out his arrival, but discovers that he needed to have a horn.