Trivia / The Dark Side of the Moon

  • Breakthrough Hit: The album made Pink Floyd a household name.
  • Completely Different Title:
    • Japanese
      • Dark Side of the Moon -> 狂気 (Madness)
      • Any Colour You Like -> 望みの色を (The Color of Hope)
      • Brain Damage -> 狂人は心に (Madman in Mind)
  • Hipgnosis: Designed the iconic cover art, along with graphic artist George Hardie.
  • Killer App: The album was one for CDs, as well as high-end audio equipment in general. So many people wanted a copy of one of the best-sounding recordings ever made in a format that wouldn't wear out like vinyl or tape that EMI had a CD plant dedicated to nothing but The Dark Side of the Moon in The '80s.
  • What Could Have Been: Paul McCartney and his wife Linda were interviewed for the voices on the album, but their responses weren't as interesting as the others and the recordings weren't used. Interviewed for John Harris' The Dark Side of the Moon: The Making of the Pink Floyd Masterpiece, Waters said that their answers were "trying too hard to be funny".