Trivia / The Dakotas

  • Playing Against Type: Jack Elam was usually cast in villainous roles at this point in his career, due mostly to his ‘sinister’ looks. Taking a heroic role in a Western was dramatically against type for him, but worked exceptionally well. His later career involved fewer villainous roles and a lot more comedy.
  • Screwed by the Network: "Sanctuary at Crystal Springs" has Del and JD shooting two murderous outlaws inside a church. There were several viewer complaints, and ABC feebly caved to pressure and canned the show almost immediately. The network had also failed to do the show any favours throughout its run by putting it in a very difficult time slot.
    • Missing Episode: Related to the above, the show was canceled so quickly that the last episode, "Black Gold", was never broadcast. Fortunately, it's available on the DVD set.