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Trivia / The Cynical Brit

  • Colbert Bump:
    • His developer interview, developer commentary, and Let's Play (with Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane of the Yogscast) on Magicka led to a lot more exposure for the game.
    • Ditto for his "WTF is..." on Frozen Synapse, which received such a Colbert Bump that the game servers couldn't take the amount of players they got.
    • His review for Proun received such high traffic that the developer's site crashed from the volume of traffic. This was the only place where the game could be bought.
    • Without saying the trope name, he admitted that this is the basic point of "WTF is...?". It was made as a way of advertising good games and denouncing bad ones (based on first impressions only).
    • His "WTF is..." on Stellar Impact once again crashed the servers with the publicity his community brought. Funny enough, he had warned the indie developers that his community tended to crash websites before, and one of them said "Feel free to can crash my servers any time." [sic]
    • His WTF-a-thon caused a similar situation, with viewers in the livestream flocking to the sites for the various games being advertised and inadvertently bringing them down. It quickly became something of a Running Gag throughout the livestream.
      • The effects of TB's Colbert Bump can be seen live in video (recorded during the WTF-a-thon) in TB's run of Realm of the Mad God: behold more than 30 out of the possible 85 players in a server congregating around TB as his personal army. As a fan remarked, the effect of a "WTF is..." increases a game's population by 4000%.
    • Lampshaded again in his video, "WTFree is Nitronic Rush?", where he posted the link to the game's torrent, so as to not break the developers site.
    • This cat video had next to zero attention when TB linked it during a livestream of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, as a result of TB's influence, it is now covered in artichoke-facts, and the wikipedia site for artichokes is mauled beyond recognition as of time of writing.
    • TB is causing a lot more attention to the game God Hand since he said that "if I find out one of you doesn't like this game, I'll personally come to your house and kill you."
      • TB also caused a lot of popularity for Kung-Fu Jesus's LP of God Hand as a result of his video, by way of linking it in the description.
    • He Lampshades this in his WTF is.. of DLC Quest, saying that he can weaponize it by tweeting about the dev's site & crashing it.
    • He has actually hit the "like" button on a few Retsupurae videos, which has lead to spikes in their popularity.
    • This has led to a bit of a Running Gag - if TB draws attention to a video, game, project, whatever, when his fans get there they will announce "The Cynical Fleet has arrived." He would go on to consider this a Discredited Meme.
    • And has happened yet again with One Finger Death Punch, with the devs outright stating in a reddit reply that his First Impressions video helped save it from being a financial disaster.
    • He presented his Arbitrary Awards 2014, in which one of the categories was "Most interesting Gaming Youtube channel that isn't mine". The winner, XboxAhoy had a significant boost in subscription numbers following the video.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • TB has stated that he despised his Terraria series, seeing as it spawned forced memes and the viewership is highest when nothing was accomplished at all.
    • He very much dislikes the video he did about the Kickstarter for the game Maia, feeling it was bad journalism to demand that his viewers support a game made by an unproven developer, and feels he should never have made that video in the first place.
  • One of Us:
    • Mentions that he reads TV Tropes in his February 15th 2012 Mailbox video, and is aware of his and Jesse Cox's pages. He's given many a Shout-Out to various tropes over the years.
    • TB is a fan of several other things unrelated to video games, which he will occasionally talk about in great detail. For instance, he is a huge fan of Terry Pratchett (If the source of the name "Total Biscuit" wasn't enough of an indicator) and has openly admitted to being a Warhammer 40k fanboy (during a video of his where he squee'd all over a WH40K game, no less). He demonstrated his fanboyishness in a Warhammer 40k Roleplay wherein he (playing as a Mechanicus Acolyte) managed to out-nerd the GM.
    • Music-wise, he's a huge Iron Maiden fan.
  • Role Ending Misdemeanor: He publicly ended his association with the Yogscast's "Big Three" (Lewis Brindley, Simon Lane and CEO Mark Turpin) after falling out over Yogdiscovery, Lewis falsely accusing TB of doing non-disclosed sponsored content and Simon calling him a "crying pissbabby" over a comic book of all things. He later clarified that he doesn't have a beef with everyone in the network, as shown by his interactions with Strippin and Sips, plus his picking Sjin for the Polaris Civil War crossover.
  • Streisand Effect: The publishers of Day One: Garry's Incident and Guise of the Wolf both garnered huge amounts of negative publicity when they tried to misuse Youtube's Copyright Notice feature to remove TB's WTF is... videos on the games (he panned both of them for being buggy messes that weren't fun to play).
  • Why the Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: In 2016, TB retired from social media because he felt it was negatively impacting his health. His Twitter has since been taken over by a staffer.