Trivia / The Company of Wolves

  • Ability over Appearance: Producers originally wanted a teenaged actress to play Rosaleen. Preteen Sarah Patterson got the role - despite likely being too young to understand some of the film's symbolism. As such the film has much more weight by having an actual twelve year old girl dreaming about this.
  • Creator-Preferred Adaptation: Angela Carter liked the film very much.
  • Dawson Casting: Averted. Sarah Patterson actually was twelve when the film was made. Alice's age isn't stated but Georgia Slowe was 17/18 during filming.
  • The Pete Best: Sarah Patterson was accompanying a friend to the auditions. Neil Jordan spotted her and tested her out - and the rest is history.
  • Production Posse: Neil Jordan and Stephen Rea. This marked their second film together. This would have been the case with Jordan and Angela Carter - but she passed away before they could work together again.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The original ending would have had Rosaleen waking up, diving onto the floor of her room and being swallowed up as if it were water. The limited special effects of the time made this impossible to pull off.
    • The Huntsman was going to tell Rosaleen a story similar to Peter and the Wolf. It was then changed to Rosaleen telling a story about a woman "from the world below".
    • Another scene was planned for the church, which would have involved an animal congregation.