Trivia / The Commitments

  • The Cast Showoff: The actors playing the Commitments were mostly chosen for their musical talents, Robert Arkin (Jimmy Rabitte) included (he gets to demonstrate his singing in a bonus song included on the DVD and the soundtrack album).
  • Dawson Casting: Inverted in the case of Andrew Strong, who played Deco. He was sixteen when The Commitments was filmed but was selected for the role because his singing voice sounded older. One of his anecdotes in the DVD "Making of" featurette involved a listener estimating his age as twenty-one based on his voice alone.
  • Defictionalization: Members of the cast/band have toured under the Commitments name from time to time for kicks.
  • What Could Have Been: The film-makers considered getting Rory Gallagher or Van Morrison to play Joey Fagan.