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Trivia: The Brothers Flub
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: The credits don't say who voiced whom, but that is definitely Tom Kenny (Heffer, SpongeBob, et al.) as Guapo, Scott Menville as Fraz and Christine Cavanaugh as Valerina. Mrs Garrett is Tarara Boomdeyay.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Only two (out-of-print) VHS releases exist with only four episodes on each and for the longest time there was almost nothing online. It was on Kidobi but not anymore.
    • As of August 2014, a best of collection exists on iTunes with 8 episodes (16 segments) in it. Not the whole series, but a good start.
  • Screwed by the Network: Originally to have debuted in 1998, it showed up in January 1999... with new episodes on Sundays. And minimal promotion even by Nickelodeon standards. And it has never been rerun after its cancellation!
  • Short Run In Peru: Zig-Zagged in Poland; The show's debuted on Canal+ (a premium TV channel in Poland) in 20th September 1999 (about nine months after US premiere), but unlike in USA (where the new episodes premiered on Sundays), the show's new episodes premiered in Poland on weekdays at 6.30pm with the last (26th) episode premiering on 25th October 1999 - about two months before show's cancellation in US!
    • Also unlike in the US, the show has been rerun in Poland once! All 26 episodes were rerun on Canal+ from 29th December 1999 to 2nd February 2000 on weekdays at 2.30pm.

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