!!!1976 version
* AllStarCast: Both on the American and Russian sides of the equation, but this does mean some BillingDisplacement.
* BoxOfficeBomb: Grossed less than $1 million in the U.S. against a $12 million budget. Financial figures for the production became a '''state secret''' in Russia!
* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: No legit U.S. video release as yet, and unscreened on television for 20+ years before Fall 2011, when Fox Movie Channel (now FX Movies) began occasionally airing it.
* TheOtherMarty: Shooting started with James Coco as Tylo, but he suffered a gallbladder attack and was replaced with George Cole.
* TroubledProduction: On the American side, several of the actresses caused problems ranging from illness (Elizabeth Taylor) to a feud with the director (Cicely Tyson), while on the Russian side the crew and equipment weren't up to the technical standards the production needed. The translators weren't skillful enough to bridge the language gap, the American and Russian composers hired couldn't agree on the musical style to use for the songs, etc.