Trivia / The Birdcage

  • Actor Allusion:
  • Dawson Casting: 32-year-old Calista Flockhart unconvincingly plays a 19-year-old. (Being so waifish, she could pass as a senior or graduate student, but come on.)
    • Dan Futterman was 27, playing the 20 year old Val.
  • Genius Bonus: Senator Keeley calls Grover's Corners "a darn good place to call home", apparently unaware that the play it's featured in, Our Town, was written by a gay man.
  • Harpo Does Something Funny: Due to the nature of the story, Mike Nichols made Nathan Lane and Robin Williams promise to do one take exactly as scripted before they could go wild in retakes. This is bound to happen.
  • Playing Against Type: One of Robin Williams' few comedic roles as the (no pun intended) Straight Man. In fact, he was originally cast as Albert before he asked to switch roles with Nathan Lane in fear of Type Casting.
  • Throw It In: Robin Williams' pratfall in the kitchen was entirely accidental, but the other actors held it together enough to use the take.
  • What Could Have Been: Before he had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts, Steve Martin was set to play Armand, with Robin Williams as Albert.