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Trivia: The Binding of Isaac
  • Ascended Fanon: The "Muliboom" name for the kamikaze Action Bomb variety of the Mulligan was a Fan Nickname for a while before being made official.
  • Fan Nickname: As the game doesn't give you the names of normal enemies until the credits, players tend to give them these. Anyone who has watched Northernlion enough tends to use "human popcorn", "silkworms" and "zambies", in place of their real names (Mulligan/Host, Charger/Spitter, Knight).
    • Meatboy Lvl. 5—That's what some players call the severed body "generated" by The Shears. The reason behind it is because it used to be possible to have it constantly following you by acquiring five Meat Cubes via glitch exploitation.note 
    • An even more common one is "Blue Baby" for the unwieldy ???. For the True Final Boss as well as the character.
    • Pooters are known as "Grandfather Flies" because their white abdomens look like beards.
    • The Vis and its brethren are known as "vaginas" for obvious reasons.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: C418, known for the Minecraft soundtrack, did a song for the soundtrack, "Atempause", a remix of the song that plays in secret rooms.
  • Let's Play:
    • A few on Youtube. Let's Plays were actually one of the major reasons why Isaac became so successful - sales began to steadily increase after it became a popular game to play on YouTube.
    • One notable example is Northernlion. Here's the first episode. Watch as he goes from complete newbie to expert over the course of 800+ videos! This ultimately culminates in an episode with co-commentary by Edmund McMillen.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Spider, the mind behind the SpiderMod program (a modified version of Isaac that runs in a separate .exe, is more optimized, and adds a number of features including various cheats and controller support) was hired to do coding work for the remake.
  • Sleeper Hit: Word of God has stated he never expected Isaac to be so popular. At one point he considered giving it away because he didn't believe anyone would actually want to spend money on something so weird and dark.
  • The Wiki Rule: Naturally.
  • Word of God: Some information can be gleaned from McMillen's Tumblr blog and (now defunct) Formspring, though also be prepared for a fair bit of Teasing Creator.

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