Trivia / The Avengers: United They Stand

  • Follow the Leader: The Powered Armor sequence apparently rides off the success of the Iron Man animated series that came before this.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: This show never became available on VHS or DVD, but Marvel's video website eventually started showing all the episodes; it was also run on Disney XD overnights for a time.
    • No Export for You: It was in fact released on DVD, on two separate occasions - but only in Region 2 (Europe and Australia).
  • Show Accuracy/Toy Accuracy: Kang looks nothing like his action figure from the show's toyline. This is especially bizarre considering that he was very obviously redesigned to look more Toyetic in the first place.
  • What Could Have Been - A second season was planned with Thor guest starring in a two-part episode, and a crossover with the X-Men which would have lead to a couple of cases of Talking to Himself.
    • Apparently, Bob Skir and Marty Isenberg were supposed to be the writers of this show, but then Hasbro and Fox called them in to help create Beast Machines, since they had been working on other FK shows like Godzilla: The Series, and as a result, they were pulled away from their dream project. And look what happened. (Admittedly, Beast Machines has been viewed more favorably in recent years, and it helped pave the way for Isenberg to work on Transformers Animated.)