Trivia / The Autobiography of Jane Eyre

  • No Budget: The authors claim they make the show on zero budget at home, however, they are professionals, either students or graduates.
  • Teasing Creator: Mr Rochester, who has been anxiously anticipated since the beginning of the series, appeared first in episode 10. Viewers were teased by one shot of his body with Jitter Cam from a long distance. His clothes were showed in detail (striped green and pink socks! skinny jeans!), as well as his injured leg. In episode 11, viewers got torsoed and loose-shirted. Lot of focus was on his hands. It was revealed that he has a tattoo and that he reads geeky books. No such luck as seeing but half his face, though. In episode 12, Adele set up the camera to record herself opening her present. Alas, she pointed it at her father's back, and it recorded his head from the back and some half-profile shots. Episode 13 looked like the gentle trolling might continue, but Jane made him sit in front of her camera and his face was finally revealed.
    A fan's comment: So I checked the website again, got SUPER excited that they updated the cast to include Adam Wright... and then found a picture of cans... This series is EVIL.
  • Word of God: Loads of it. The creators of the series tweet about it and write longer articles.
    • Jane Eyre is a big fan of Lizzie Bennet's vlog The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. According to the writers, Lizzie Bennet and Jane Eyre both exist in the same fictional universe. It's kind of weird then that Jane liked the video with Ashley Clemens who played Lizzie. One has to wonder...
    • In-universe, Jane has less viewers than the Real Life numbers are.
    • When the viewers wondered whether Jane really records her videos by accident and whether it's moral to upload it without the consent of the person who appeared there with her. Alysson Hall (Jane's actress and a writer of some episodes) offered her thoughts on the issue in her tumblr. In-universe, it really is an accident, and she wants advice from her viewers, but she feels conflicted. She wants to capture all the weird stuff happening around her because she feels in danger, and genuinely expects Mr Rochester to be abusive or neglectful. Her conflict is scripted to appear in the show, and mostly Jane wrote it in video descriptions.