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Trivia / The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

  • Actor Allusion: In a deleted DVD scene Gilliam, as the accordion player inside the whale, falls off his chair and dies in exactly the same way that he did as the animator in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • Doing It for the Art: Robin Williams was a last-minute casting after the budget had run out, and performed his role uncredited and unpaid.
  • Invisible Advertising: Where the U.S. release was concerned.
  • Screwed by the Studio: The film received virtually no pre-launch publicity and appalling distribution.
  • Troubled Production: Big time. The film went overbudget, the plane that had the costumes and prop were stuck in an airport in another country due to a custom strike, a lot of the animals for the film died and had to be replaced, etc. Producer Thomas Schuhly acted like a prima donna, refusing to sign forms and refusing to get along with the English crew and the complex relationship between the UK crew and the Italian crew. And because Columbia Pictures was undergoing a regime change at the time and the new bigwigs didn't want to support a film this troubled, they didn't put much money into the marketing campaign or even give it a wide North American release, and it flopped. Eric Idle called it "A truly horrible experience and even remembering it is a bit of a nightmare."
  • What Could Have Been: Sean Connery was considered for the King of the Moon.