Trivia / Temptation (2007)

  • Fan Nickname: Knock-Off has been called "Knock-Out" and "Wipe-Off" in reference to Wipeout. It's also been called "Rip-Off", which is probably the most accurate.
  • No Budget:
    • Some champs walked away with nothing to show for their efforts, while losing contestants didn't even get their final score in cash. Several episodes managed to give away a grand total of $0!
    • The prizes were also generally significantly cheaper than the 1980s Sale. Instant Bargain prizes were usually around $500 to $1,000, less than 1/4th the typical value of the prizes in the Perry era if you adjust for inflation. And the top prize was just one mid-range car, worth less than 1/8th the total value of the lot from Perry's Sale (again, adjusted for inflation).