Trivia: Telltale Games

  • Breakthrough Hit: Two: the Sam & Max: Freelance Police revival was the company's first episodic gaming success. The Walking Dead won tons of awards and gave them recognition among the mainstream gaming press.
  • Troubled Production: The Jurassic park game was delayed so many times that Telltale had to put all the episodes out at once.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Telltale games wanted to do Scott Pilgrim, but Bryan Lee O'Malley (Scott Pilgrim's creator) rejected the offer, not because of a dispute between him and Telltale, but because he believed that Scott couldn't work out as an Adventure Game. One may wonder what would have happened if we had gotten this over a multiplayer beat-em-up game.
    • They announced plans to do a new Kings Quest game and gave it a fair amount of press, but rights complications prevented it from being made.