Trivia / Teen Titans The Abridged Series

  • The Other Darrin:
    • Blackfire replaces Starfire by the end of episode 2 and the others make sure she copies her completely so no one will notice.
    • This apparently worked well in real life. Although she drops character every other episode, the Youtube comments always say "Oh yeah, I forgot she was Blackfire!"
  • Schedule Slip: Episode Seven comes eight months after Six, with an Apology Vid about in the middle of the break. And then, Episode 8 came out a year after episode 7. Episode 9 finally came out, almost a year later. Episode 10 came out 2 months later. 9 months later was Episode 11 and 9 months after that finally came Episode 12 (which lampshaded how long it took to get there), which ended the season (they skipped Mad Mod).