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Trivia: Tattoo Assassins
  • Ascended Fanon: The Nudality was a recurring rumor in the Mortal Kombat fandom which ultimately made it into this game.
  • Creator Breakdown: According to an anonymous developer's account, at one point everyone lost their willingness to continue the project and worked on it only to get it over with. By the time they finished, it was quietly killed.
    • The point everyone gave up was when the QA testers refused to work on it any more. As many people have put it, "You couldn't pay people to play this game."
  • Throw It In: The coders left the "Happy Thanksgiving!" glitch in, because they thought it was too funny to fix.
  • Troubled Production: This article written in April 2013 describes virtually every detail of what made it what it was, most of which had to do with Data East Pinball's ailing financial situation that its developers were unaware of for years.
  • Vaporware: Even though it was almost finished, it was still cancelled. A few arcades have the Obvious Beta cabinet, however.

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