Trivia / Tattletales

  • Screwed by the Network: Somewhat. Tattletales airing at 4:00 PM was the companion show to Match Game on CBS, airing at 3:30. In June 1975, CBS moved Tattletales to 11:00 where it gained a number of affiliates that blacked it out at 4:00, but it followed Gambit and viewers were rather lost on the chemistry. Eight weeks later, Tattletales was moved back to the afternoon, this time at 3:30 (with Match Game at 3:00) and it became the second highest rated daytime show. By December, both shows were back at the original times (Tattletales was displaced by Musical Chairs, and would displace Give-N-Take, which was shoved to the later afternoon so The Price Is Right could expand to an hour). During its last three months of its original run (December 1977 - March 1978), Tattletales was aired at 10 AM which by that time had low clearances from CBS affiliates.
    • Averted with the 1982-84 revival. That version lasted at 4:00 PM throughout its entire run and ended only because Mark Goodson decided to try out a new format in the slot: Body Language.