Trivia: Tatsudoshi

  • Executive Meddling:
    • YouTube's layout update in late 2012 which favored top-tier channels hit Kdin's channels (and many other mid-to-low tier channels) hard in that if things hadn't improved for the better financially in 2013 (Kdin joined Rooster Teeth's Achievement Hunter division), Kdin would have ended Multipurpose Spam at the end of 2013.
    • More meddling occurred thanks to the great Content ID fiasco of late 2013 on YouTube which didn't make things easy for Kdin because many of his videos had monetization options disabled so Kdin would no longer be paid for those videos.
    • In April 2014, Kdin was forced to private all videos on his Spam channel on YouTube entirely. This was due to the group he was partnered with demanding him to have a more regular and bigger uploading schedule (as in five to seven videos a week) and tone down or remove some of the content that could run afoul of YouTube's and the partner network's rules. However, he still streams on Twitch, is trying to leave his partner network on YouTube, and is very active on both Twitter, Tumblr, and with Achievement Hunter (although it took him a while to join in on their Let's Plays).
    • As of June 2014, the YouTube and Twitch channels and the Tumblr blog have been closed, suggesting that Multipurpose Spam is completely dead and Kdin is now dedicated to his job with Achievement Hunter.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Good luck finding any videos that Jenzen used to have from his channel before he removed all of his videos and closed his account. They even got rid of the main page here on This Very Wiki.
  • Missing Episode: Until the situations mentioned here on this page caused all of Kdin's pre-AH videos to disappear, his 2009 Easter special where he and his friends played a Sanrio game for the Game Boy Advance called Cinnamoroll Koko Ni Ruyo.
  • Old Shame: Kdin views many of the older Spam Plays and Random Spams as done in poor quality, but he keeps them around for fans that don't mind the lower quality material.
    • Apparently now the whole series has become one for him, considering that even our page on the series was deleted, so it's only a matter of time before the subpages (including the one that you're reading right now) goes away.
  • Series Hiatus: Kdin isn't updating his Spam Play channel for awhile due to numerous issues including YouTube and his partner network screwing him over, personal issues, Corn tending to real life matters, and fans generally becoming disinterested in the Spam Plays and interacting with Kdin. Kdin has also stated on his current Tumblr blog that he's become much more interested in video editing than entertaining as of late, and he's also very busy with editing Achievement Hunter videos.
    • The hiatus can now be considered a full-blown cancellation due to what's explained above under Executive Meddling.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: A bout of complaining about a glitched 4/6/13 update to YouTube due to a glitchy computer made Kdin consider not updating for a period of time.