Trivia / Tamora Pierce

  • Line to God: The forum Sheroes Inc was founded by Pierce and Gail Simone, although less so now that she has left administration of the site. She also has a tumblr (which doesn't have asks open, but she takes notice of fan questions and meta using it) and her Livejournal, linked on the main page.
  • Schedule Slip: She can be prone to this. The first book in a planned series about Numair was set to release in Fall 2015. She did finally get a first draft done... in May 2016.
    • Books about Numair, and Georgeís spy work weíre both listed on her website as far back as 2005, at least, with original release years in the next few, however were only scheduled for actual publication in 2017/2018 respectively. Various England books were also listed on the website back in 2005, with various planned releases as well in the upcoming years after. Melting Stones releases in 2008, Battle Magic wasnít released until 2013, and Trisís still unnamed book about Lightsbridge still hasnít materialised.