Trivia: Tales of the Abyss

I dropped a marble; when I chased after it, I dropped another. Only one remains in a single sunny spot

When our worn-out motives overlap and tremble, I'll know the meaning of my birth

We are mirrors, each of us meant to reflect every bit of the other's karma

Don't forget, because I'm always calling from inside the same marble. That's right, we'll meet each other for sure; when we build a cross on our submerged motives, we will fulfill our promise
  • What Could Have Been: Apparently some stuff was discovered that suggests more stuff was Dummied Out. While quite a bit of it was restored for the North American localization (and the 3DS remake), among the things found were not only un-used Mystic Arte cut-ins but also the fact that Van was to be playable at one point. There are quite a few unused battle lines (all of them dubbed in the english release) that are probably unused Artes, such as:
    • Anise's Valkyrie Saber, Dragon Rampage and Fang Shot.
    • Luke and Asch's Falling Dragon and Ravaging Hell, and Asch's Binding Doom.
    • Natalia's Imperial Raid.
    • Van's Majestic Apocalypse.