Trivia / Tales of MU

  • Ascended Fanon: A few world-building chapters have been constructed from questions submitted by readers through the story's discussion threads.
  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder: Alexandra Erin's projects include serials Star Harbor Nights, Tales of MU, Tribe, Void Dogs, More Tales of MU, and The 3 Seas, as well as numerous more self-contained or episodic stories. At her peak, she was regularly updating all but the first of those serials as well as a run of standalone stories in the Tales of MU continuity.
  • Schedule Slip: The story has gone through several shifts in when releases come out. The weekly schedule (not updated since 2009) claims that MU updates 3x a week, whereas actual updates come more like 3x a month. The author apologized for it at the end of an incentive story. To elaborate, the entire schedule slip saga went like this: Started out daily. Then the author missed a Sunday or two. Then the author decided to take weekends off and made it M-F. Then three times a week. Then to the "it updates when it updates" schedule. It then moved to an "updates every 4th day"-schedule, and has changed since then. Updates started becoming very infrequent in late 2015, a trend which has continued into 2016. Since October 2016, the next update was in February 2017, with nothing since then.