Trivia / Sylvia Plath

  • Creator Breakdown: The poems written in the weeks before her suicide get darker and darker, until you get to "Edge", which is a creepy poem about a statue of a woman, and the last poem she ever wrote.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • Ted Hughes rearranged the order of the poems for her last book, Ariel, and even added some poems that Plath hadn't intended to go in the book.
    • According to a letter she wrote to her brother, Sylvia Plath never intended for a US publication of The Bell Jar.
  • What Could Have Been: Her death at thirty prevented any poetry she might have yet created from coming into existence. She also had a second novel in mind that would present the world through the eyes of health as opposed to the eyes of the depressed and suicidal Esther.