Trivia / Swindle

  • All-Star Cast: In terms of Nick stars from the last few years at least- most of their major live action shows are represented by one or two actors.
  • Dawson Casting: Most of the main actors are in their early twenties, yet play high-school students. Par for the course for Nickelodeon.
    • Ciara Bravo's character is stated to be a 7th grader and she was 16 when the film premiered.
  • Playing Against Type: Jennette McCurdy, dear God. Same goes for Noah Munck and Ariana Grande to a lesser extent, given what Cat's like. Averted with Chris O'Neal and Noah Crawford.
  • Those Two Actors: This is the third project Noah Crawford and Chris O'Neal have worked on, after How To Rock and You Gotta See This.