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Trivia: Sweet Genius
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Quite a few contestants from Chopped and even Iron Chef America have competed on Sweet Genius.
    • Jessica Mogardo is very notable for competing (and winning!) on Chopped and being Jose Garces' sous chef in Iron Chef America. Like her appearances on the other competitions, she won!
    • Alina Eisenhauer also competed, but lost on Chopped. She ended up winning Sweet Genius.
    • Katie Rosenhouse lost twice on Chopped but won on Sweet Genius likewise. However, she Took a Level in Jerkass, pouting about how she wanted to win the other competition. She didn't mention Chopped by name, but it was clear which competition she was talking about.
    • Like the chefs above, Natalia Machado has appeared on Chopped (in which she won), and won Sweet Genius
    • One rather large chef in the first season became part of a Food Network profile in Fat Chef.

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