Trivia / Survival of the Fittest

All those miscellaneous facts about Survival of the Fittest

  • Ascended Fanon: A staff member once joked that Dennis Lourvey, one of the terrorist programmers, paid his way through MIT by being a male stripper. This was quickly accepted as canon. Similar 'throw it in' moments happen at a startling rate.
  • Fan Nickname: Tons. 'Bocelot' (Bobby Jacks), 'BCarv' (Bryant Carver), 'Captain America' (Tyler Blake),
    • Sometimes used to differentiate characters with the same name: Happy!Nick (Nick LeMonde) and Sad!Nick (Nick Reid), and Sarax (Sarah Xu), STan (Sarah Tan) and Seizure Girl (Sarah Atwell) being the main examples.
  • McLeaned: This happens occasionally if a handler suddenly leaves the site and no one takes on his/her characters. This was the fate of Megan Nelson, Rob Jenkins, Rein Bumgarner, Alex Rasputin and Carla Conners from V4, among others.
    • Mini and A Us are not exempt, with this being the fate of Khalid Shamoun in Evolution as well.
  • One of Us: Many of the members of the site, and even one of the admins, frequent TV Tropes and can consider themselves avid tropers. Even without TVTropes as a criteria, you'd be hard pressed to find a member or handler who doesn't have some sort of interest that puts them square in this category.
  • Schedule Slip: Every version has had the occasional slip in schedule, but this is most prevalent in v3, where there was a 5-month hiatus in between Eddie Sullivan's death (7th place), and James Brown and Alexis Machina's death (6th and 5th place), then a seven-month hiatus between then and endgame being released. This extended period of time allowed for one-and-a-half-years of pre-game.
    • During the first part of V5, the Zetaboards server that the site was hosted on crashed, resulting in two months or so of downtime.
  • What Could Have Been: Pops up from time to time as a result of either an Aborted Arc, handlers scrapping the idea, characters' deaths before the idea could be executed, mods disapproving, handlers leaving the site, etc. Examples noted on the wiki include Blood Boy getting a facial reconstruction in pre-game, a lot of things about Cillian Crowe that were planned but never carried out, Adam Dodd Taking the Bullet for Amanda Jones, Walter Smith being an Evil Counterpart to a character that never made it into the game, and others.
    • In V4, Kimberly Nguyen was very nearly killed off right at the very beginning of the game, however her handler decided to change plans at the last moment and keep her alive. She has now won version 4.
    • A notable one occurred during V3's escape attempt. Both Julie Mikan and Darnell Butler were supposed to survive much longer than they actually did. In fact, they were supposed to escape the island altogether. However, due to their handlers leaving the site midway through, the characters were killed off instead.
    • There have been at least two threads devoted to this very topic on the boards.
  • Write Who You Know: There are a large number of self insert characters or characters who are basically people each handler knows in real life. These characters are typically portrayed realistically, however.