Trivia: Super Smash Flash

  • Cowboy Bebop at His Computer: Shortly before the release of v0.9b, a number of news articles started giving out some hilariously inaccurate details. Polygon spelled McLeodGaming as "Macleod Games", and one Spanish-language news article claimed that the game was a one-man project, and another claimed that not only was it "back" after eight yearsnote  but that Shadow and Ryu were playablenote .
  • Doing It for the Art: Super Smash Flash and early versions of 2 were just a hobby for some college buddies, but soon, 2 became determined to become a full, quality video game. The devs work on it close to nonstop, leaving very little free time for themselves, and... oh yeah, since it's a Fan Work, they're legally forbidden to make any profit on it. They're doing all this for free just because they wanted to make their own full-fledged take on Super Smash Bros.
    • In an interview during Apex 2014, Cleod explained that he has always been interested in pushing a given medium to its absolute limits, starting from when he made games for the TI-83 calculator in the early 2000s. This is why he enjoys working in Adobe Flash even with such an ambitious project - simply because everyone sees it as a horde of crap that's apparently incapable of anything serious.
  • Dueling Games: Super Smash Flash 2 and Super Smash Bros. Crusade. Both are vying for the title of best Smash Fangame, and time will tell which one is better.
  • Fanwork Ban: There's a strict "no modding" rule, and for good reason — there are a large number of actively hostile Fan Haters even within its own forums who would gladly fill it with viruses in disguise or disable all of their own hitboxes in online multiplayer.
  • Schedule Slip: The reason the team no longer sets any release dates, not that it stops the Fan Dumb from asking.
    "We're a team made up entirely of freelance non-profit non-professional developers who can only spend so much time on this project. This project is but another responsibility next to our other stuff such as education, work, families, superhero alter-ego's etc. etc. We can't spend as much time on this game as we'd like to, and we work with a relatively small team, meaning that even a single member being unable to work due to other stuff has a huge impact. This all makes it very difficult to set exact release dates, and we don't want to post a date out of the blue only to disappoint later."
    Steven, Super Smash Flash 2 developer
  • Throw It In: Blade, the first character coded into 1, was originally intended to be Dummied Out as just a test character. But, he ended up in the final product along with his counterpart, Blue.
  • The Wiki Rule: Here, but good luck getting anything out of it — it's a common in-joke among the fandom about how tainted with misinformation and outdated, deconfirmed concepts it's always been.
    "Take note that the wiki is not ran and/or endorsed by the Mcleodgaming SSF2 Developement Team. This may mean that information appearing on the wiki may be based on speculation. One can find an enormous amount of 'beta stages' or 'beta character designs' from early days that we as the SSF2 developement team do not consider 'beta' (since it was never in the game at any point). This also goes for statements appearing on the wiki; if it can't be traced back to a post on one of our official media (or the FAQ topic) then don't consider it true.


    "That being said, we are very grateful that we have a fanbase that is dedicated enough to set up and run a wiki for our game. We really are! Just be aware that statements and information appearing on the wiki may not represent our product."
    Steven, Super Smash Flash 2 developer

  • What Could Have Been: Many things about the game's history are still scattered around, but don't count on them showing up.
    • The old roster in its entirety, and most of their sprites, can be viewed here.
    • Among other things, removed stages include the two Test Stagesnote , Brawl's Battlefieldnote , Brawl's Wi-Fi Waiting Roomnote , the Temple of Timenote , and Mushroom Kingdom IInote .
    • Characters used to have individual revival platforms to appear on whenever they lost a life. It was later deemed to have looked good on paper but not in practice, and replaced by a universal one like in the official Smash games.
    • The old Dojos are a gold mine of old information, a lot of which looks just plain ridiculous now:
    • Wario was planned for the first game, but ended up being scrapped. He was one of the new characters in the second game, following his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. There are remnants of his planned appearance, like the Floating Islands Stage, which had sprites and enemies from the Wario Land games.