Trivia / Super Metroid

  • Bad Export for You: The Wii U Virtual Console release in European and Australian territories. It is the 50Hz PAL version being forced to run at 60Hz, which introduces new glitches that aren't present in the Wii U release in other regions and weren't even present at all in the original PAL release.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • A handful of rooms in Super Metroid, such as "Noob Bridge" (which named a trope) in Green Brinstar, and "Mount Doom" in Black Maridia. In fact, the very act of naming certain areas with colors can count as this.
    • "Torizo" was originally a simple mistranslation: it's an Alternate Character Reading of "choujinzoku", whence we get the term "Chozo". The fans of the game took the term Torizo and applied it specifically to the Chozo statues that get up and attack you.
  • Serendipity Writes the Plot: The appearance of the Varia Suit in Super Metroid and onwards is the result of the Game Boy's lack of color. In the original NES game the Varia Suit was denoted by a Palette Swap. Since the Game Boy was black and white, the suit itself became physically different after being obtained in Metroid II. The design was retained for this game and the rest is history.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The Long Beam from the first Metroid was considered for a reappearance, but it was Dummied Out and made a default ability for Samus. The coding for it can still be found in the games data, though.
    • According to a popular Urban Legend of Zelda, the Japanese version of the game has Samus naked during her death animation, but was covered up in the North American version. In an interview, the developers stated that that Samus being naked was never the case, but was considered during development.