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Trivia: Stevie Nicks
  • Aleister Crowley: At one time, Stevie cited Confessions of a Drug Fiend as being among her favorite books.
  • Alice in Wonderland: The Other Side of the Mirror was heavily influenced by this work; Stevie posed as the Red Queen on the cover, and at least one of the songs, Alice, directly references the book.
  • Anne Rice: Stevie gives the author a Shout-Out in one of her In Your Dreams songs.
  • Career Resurrection: Had one for her solo career that dovetailed with Fleetwood Mac's after losing weight and kicking her drug addictions.
  • Creator Breakdown: Much of The Wild Heart was Nicks working through her grief over the death of her close friend Robin Anderson.
  • Eagles: Don Henley has been a friend of hers for many years and they were at one time romantically connected (Mick Fleetwood and John McVie set the ball in motion by sending a bouquet to her with a fake pick-up message, supposedly from Henley, that incensed Stevie; she got the last laugh when they became lovers). The line "Her mind is Tiffany-twisted, she's got the Mercedes bends" from "Hotel California" is said by some to be a Shout-Out to Stevie. Henley dueted with her on "Leather and Lace".
  • Edgar Allan Poe: The song "Annabel Lee" is a nearly word-for-word musical version of Poe's poem.
  • Eurythmics: Dave Stewart, if you go by what Stevie says, is the virtual co-creator of In Your Dreams. They worked exceptionally closely together on making the album; she started the process off by giving him her famous journal (full of draft song lyrics) and asked him to select some that he considered would make good songs.
  • Katharine Hepburn: Stevie somehow got ahold of one of the gorgeous mantles that Hepburn wore in The Lion in Winter and made it part of the wardrobe for her 1991 tour!
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The first album she ever released, Buckingham Nicks (along with then-significant other Lindsey Buckingham), has never yet been officially released on CD or other digital format in the U.S. Both Nicks and Buckingham very much want to see this happen, but the project has been stuck in Development Hell for decades in part due to the difficulty of finding good-enough masters.
  • One of Us: Stevie is a huge fan of Game of Thrones. She discovered the series during its first season and credits it with helping her get over a bout of depression after the death of her mother (and then a case of pneumonia), and is so devoted to it that she's written poetry themed around every major character and has expressed her desire to write music for the series.
  • Prince co-wrote (the music) "Stand Back" with Stevie.
  • Sheryl Crow is another Stevie buddy/collaborator, on several songs off "Trouble in Shangri-La".
  • Taylor Caldwell: At one time, Stevie cited Ceremony of the Innocent as being among her favorite books. It's likely she was responding more to the romance than to Caldwell's rather...extreme political views.
  • Tom Petty: Another of Stevie's close friends - so close, in fact, that she's jokingly called herself a "honorary Heartbreaker" because of her long association with Petty and his band. Wrote "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" (Stevie's first big solo hit) in 1981 for Bella Donna; Stevie returned the favor by singing backup on two songs on his 1981 album Hard Promises.
    • When Stevie was coming back up from the bottom point that she hit in the early 1990's (due, among other things, to her struggle to break free from addiction to Klonopin and the relative failure of her 1994 album Street Angel), she went through a period of severe self-doubt about whether she would be able to recover her old skills in the recording studio. Petty gave her a combination talking-to and pep talk which became the inspiration for the song "That Made Me Stronger" on Trouble in Shangri-La.
    • Stevie also indirectly inspired Petty's hit "Don't Come Around Here No More", which was co-written by Dave Stewart. Stewart explained that the song's lyrics and title resulted from him being invited to a party after a Eurythmics show in Los Angeles, and witnessing her tell Joe Walsh "don't come around here no more" as he was leaving.
  • Twilight: One of the songs on her latest album, In Your Dreams, was directly inspired by this.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • During a particularly tough patch in 1973-74, according to Stevie in her 1981 Rolling Stone interview, her father (who, be it noted, was overall always deeply supportive of her career choice) came to her and suggested that it might be sensible to place a time limit on her attempts to make it in the music world if she didn't start seeing some success. As this was the period during which Stevie was forced to take all sorts of odd jobs (dental hygienist?!) to put food on hers and Lindsey's table, she took that suggestion seriously and contemplated going back to college. She had been majoring in speech communication at San Jose State with the intention of becoming a speech therapist/pathologist.
    • Stevie originally wrote "Leather and Lace" for Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, but their marriage was starting to break up.

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