Trivia: Stargate

  • Money, Dear Boy:
    • Jaye Davidson wasn't very fond of acting and originally intended that The Crying Game would be the only film he ever made. However, the producers of this film were desperate to sign him on, and he agreed to do it for a million dollars; enough, he figured, to either make them give up or give him some financial security for the rest of his life.
    • Same for James Spader, who said in an Entertainment Weekly interview that he found the script "awful". Director Roland Emmerich did say that Spader enjoyed himself enough to be up for a sequel if it ever happened.
  • The Other Darrin: Stargate SG-1 recast all characters who originated in the movie except for Skaara and his and Sha'uri/Sha're's father Kasuf.
  • Playing Against Type: James Spader, going from his usual creepy, sex-obsessed dramatic roles to playing an Adorkable scientist to the nth degree. Kurt Russell, meanwhile, goes from being a slapstick action hero to a broody Death Seeker Anti-Hero at least until the film's climax.
  • Star-Making Role: For David Arnold, who got the gig after the producers heard his music from The Young Americans.
  • As mentioned on the main page, this was the first film to get a promotional website, as the Internet was just beginning to take off in popularity.