Trivia / StarCraft I

  • No Export for You: The Japanese-localization of Starcraft I was never updated past ver 1.00 and never got the Brood War expansion due to insufficient popularity.
  • Serendipity Writes the Plot: During the development of the first game, Zeratul was intended to be a unique Dark Templar unit with a single warp blade, while the normal Dark Templar had two. However, the team ran out of time to do this, so Zeratul's sprite was reused for the standard Dark Templar. This continued into the sequel, and between that and how iconic Zeratul himself is, the image of the Dark Templar wielding a single warp blade is the predominant way they're depicted and interpreted.
  • What Could Have Been: There's a Tassadar/Zeratul Archon in the map editor. Unlike the other Hero Units that don't show up in the main campaign because they were in the map editor campaign instead, this one doesn't show up anywhere in official content.
    • The original conception of the lore was much different than what it ended up becoming. Instead of Deep South in space, the Terrans were instead remnants of a Vestigial Empire fractured by infighting. Also, Arcturus Mengsk had a much different role in the storyline and seemed to be much more heroic.