Trivia / Splinter Cell

  • Development Hell: Conviction. It was originally slated for release in Christmas of 2007. They ended up scrapping it and starting over at least once. The new Conviction was revealed at E3 2009 and scheduled for February 2010, then April 10, and then finally released.
  • Banned in China:
    • The first game was banned in China for portraying China negatively (although the Chinese villain was actually rogue). The decision was reverted a few years later.
    • Chaos Theory was reportedly banned in South Korea for portraying a fictional war between it and North Korea. They did the same like China.
  • Fake American: Michael Ironside, the voice of Sam Fisher from the beginning to Conviction, is Canadian.
  • Truth in Television: The concept of Third Echelon, a heavily compartmentalized covert unit dedicated to gathering intelligence in highly sensitive locations would find striking similarities in the real-world Special Collection Service; a joint CIA-NSA unit dedicated to gathering intelligence in highly sensitive locations.
  • What Could Have Been: Conviction was earlier planned to use a "social stealth" system not unlike Assassin's Creed where Sam was a fugitive on the lam, evading the authorities by hiding himself using crowds, and have extensive environmental interactions (such as picking up many more things to use as a weapon) and would be animated to do actions more realistically from his location (as in, reaching over to an object from his current location to interact it instead of moving himself to a single pre-determined location and pose after hitting the button to interact like usual). This dramatically different direction was rather poorly received and the entire design was scrapped in favor of what Conviction was released as. Some of the ideas and mechanics from this incarnation of the game would be carried over into Watch_Dogs.
    • The original version of Sam's character was for him to be a generic, cold-blooded killing machine. Michael Ironside demanded they change the character to make him more human and empathetic. The fact that Blacklist more or less turned Sam into said generic killer most likely contributed to Ironside leaving the franchise, in addition to the other issues with motion capture.