Trivia: Spider-Man Trilogy

Trivia for the film:

  • Cash Cow Franchise: The three movies were huge financial successes. Even the third, which wasn't well-received by critics or fans, was still a success, to the point of being the highest grossing domestic release of 2007.
  • The Danza: Elizabeth Banks as Elizabeth "Betty" Brant
  • Development Hell: In Spider-Man 1: The rights went from hand to hand during 15 years.
  • Dyeing for Your Art: Dunst (it was a wig in the first film, but she liked the look so the sequels are literal cases); Maguire, Church, and Grace all gained double-digits pounds of muscle.
    • Interesting considering Dunst is a blonde playing a redhead, and Bryce Dallas Howard is a redhead playing a blonde.
  • Executive Meddling: Raimi had initially had no intention of using Venom since he felt the movies he was making did not have the right tone for the symbiotes, but Sony convinced him otherwise.
  • Fake American: Rosemary Harris, who plays Aunt May, is British.
    • Spider-Man 2: Alfred Molina, who plays Doctor Octopus, is from London. When he says the line, "I should've known Osborn wouldn't have the spine to finish you!", his voice slips a bit.
    • Daniel Gillies, who plays John Jameson, is Canadian and grew up in New Zealand.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: In Italian, Mary Jane is Azula, while Spider-Man (like his German voice actor) is Ron Stoppable.
  • The Problem with Licensed Games: The games based on the first and third movie, to varying degrees.
    • Whilst the game based on the first film was well received upon release, the sequel was such an improvement that it has since fallen under this trope.
    • The PSP version of Spider-Man 2 is widely considered to be a lackluster game, lacking most of the features that allow the home console version to avert this trope.
    • The Spider-Man 3 games, are a bit more complicated. Whilst the PS3/Xbox 360/PC version is considered a decent-to-average game that doesn't improve upon it's predecessor, the PS2/Wii version is considered a widely inferior game that took several steps back from Spider-Man 2.
    • No Problem with Licensed Games: The game based on the second movie, however, is considered to be one of the best licensed superhero games of all time.
  • Real-Life Relative: Ted Raimi in all three films; Tobey Maguire's half-brothers (the two boys who give Peter back his mask) in 2; Sam's Raimi's daughter (the little girl with the camera who sells it to JJ) in 3.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • Elizabeth Banks as Betty Brant.
    • Future Oscar winner Octavia Spencer as the receptionist at the wrestling event who initially laughs off Peter's desire to wrestle Bonesaw.
    • Joseph Manganiello as Flash Thompson in the first and third films
    • From Spider-Man 2
  • Star-Making Role: For Tobey Maguire. It was also James Franco's first big role, but he never became a main event player until later on. Some actors and actresses in the cast also got additional boost because of the trilogy.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Alicia Witt, Tara Reid, and Eliza Dushku all auditioned for the role of Mary Jane. Kate Hudson was the initial choice but she turned down the role.
    • Jake Gyllenhaal would've taken over the role of Peter Parker if Maguire's back problems became too much. Which makes a lot of sense; they resemble each other so much, they actually played brothers in the film of the same name.
    • The script for the fourth film which caused Raimi to leave. According to reports, it had Peter married to Mary Jane for several years, Adrian Toomes replacing Jameson as head of the Daily Bugle, Spider-Man deliberately killing the Vulture, inciting the wrath of Felicia Hardy -who would here not be the Black Cat, but the Vulture's daughter, with whom Peter would essentially cheat on Mary Jane with; and most notably, the ending would have had Mary Jane leaving with her and Peter's baby, and "Spider-Man No More" happening again. According to sources, Raimi was repeatedly vocal about how much he hated this script.
      • Sam Raimi also wanted Dr. Curt Connors (who was played by Dylan Baker in the previous two films) to become The Lizard at some point in the film.
    • Nicolas Cage and John Malkovich were both considered for the role of the Green Goblin.
    • Stan Lee was going to deliver the "He stole that guy's pizza!" line in 2.
    • Years ago, James Cameron was going to do the Spider-Man movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dr. Octopus. During this time, there was also another R-rated treatment that had a villain who was a Composite Character of Norman Osborn and Electro, would feature Spider-Man killing criminals, and would have MJ and Spidey having sex on a big web while Peter kept his mask on.
    • Doctor Octopus was going to appear in the first film as a secondary villain to the Green Goblin. Raimi felt that having three origin stories would make the movie too cluttered and so Doc Ock was saved for the sequel.

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