Trivia: Spamalot

  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Hey, it's Dr. Frank N Furter, Slim, "Animal", and John Cleese.
    • One touring production featured John O'Hurley(Family Feud, Dancing With the Stars, Mr. Peterman on Seinfeld) as King Arthur. He also headed up the Las Vegas cast.
    • Some who went to the West End production got a chance to witness a singing, dancing Fifth Doctor!
    • The current touring production has Eric Idle as the voice of God (also counts as Creator Cameo, as he's the show's librettist/co-composer).
    • The Mayor spent some time playing King Arthur in the Broadway production.
    • Alyx Vance was The Lady in the Lake.
    • In the British touring production, King Arthur is usually played by a well-known comedian; recent examples include Sanjeev Bhaskar, Marcus Brigstocke and Phill Jupitus. There is a new Arthur roughly every six months, while the rest of the cast remains largely the same.
    • Hoban "Wash" Washburne played Lancelot for about six months in 2005.
  • Playing Against Type: Tim Curry as King Arthur in the original Broadway and London casts.