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Trivia: Space Ghost Coast to Coast
  • The Danza: Andy Merrill as Commander Andy.
  • I Am Not Spock: Joel Hodgson is not pleased with Space Ghost confusing him with his character 'Joel Robinson'.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: In addition to the final six episodes, three episodes never made it onto DVD at all: "Self Help", "The Mask" (and its companion piece "Le Livre d'Histoire"), and "Gum, Disease". Also "A Space Ghost Christmas", which was never released to DVD in its entirety. Only two songs from the special made it. Also, the unedited versions of:
    • "The World Premiere Toon-In" (aka "President's Day Nightmare"): For copyright reasons, all the cartoons featured on the show were cut for the DVD release. Only the wraparounds are shown.
    • "Sleeper": A brief scene after the credits with Space Ghost, Zorak and Moltar in the commissary having ditched Slash on the set was removed.
    • "Explode": An announcement at the very end of episode from the late BBC DJ John Peel, stating that the Ghost Planet will now explode (hence the title of the episode...) was removed.
    • "$20.01": The Ultra Seven footage that Joel Hodgson and Space Ghost mock was removed from the DVD and replaced with non-copyrighted footage.
    • "Glen Campbell": The audio from The Simpsons clip at the beginning was removed, along with a line from Space Ghost ("Which one is Homer again? The baby?"), and an additional audio clip of Mr. Burns after the credits.
    • "Hipster": Sam Butera sings a portion of "Just a Gigolo", which was cut from the DVD and replaced with an original song.
    • "Joshua": William, The King of Imagination's brief appearance was cut for the DVD. Rumor is because Williams Street couldn't track him down to get him to allow his likeness to appear on home video.
    • "Cahill": Garrett Morris sings a portion of "For the Love of Money", which was cut from the DVD.
    • "Chambraigne": Al Roker was originally part of the Chambraigne commercial. He was replaced on the DVDs by George Lowe (though some would argue that was an improvement because... it's George freaking Lowe)
    • For a time, the unedited versions of the above (as well as the episodes not on DVD) could be obtained through the Adult Swim's "Create Your Custom DVD!" feature, but now that the Adult Swim Store has shut down, the only legal option is to buy the episodes via iTunes.
    • Speaking of the Adult Swim store shutting down, for a time it was impossible (aside from buying used copies online for outrageously inflated prices) to obtain Volumes 4 and 5, since they were Adult Swim Store exclusives. However, they have since been made available on iTunes with the rest of the series.
    • You can find the episode "The Mask" on the VHS release of that movie; it follows the film. (Or, you can just watch it on YouTube.)
  • Missing Episode: A special done for Mexican audiences during the 2002 FIFA World Cup where Space Ghost interviewed Mexican goalkeeper Oscar "El Conejo" Perez is apparently lost. The episode was unique because it was recorded in both English (with the original cast) and Spanish, yet Oscar Perez' lines remained in Spanish in both dubs.
    • There's also at least 12 missing episodes from the Gametap iteration.
  • Name's the Same: Seasons 3 and 4 each have an episode named "Switcheroo". Both have different premises.
  • Old Shame: To Mike Lazzo, who considers the show to be dead to him.
  • The Other Darrin: A variation: Gary Owens, the voice of Space Ghost in the original 1960s cartoon, is used by the current Space Ghost's former mentor, Warren, as a replicant so he could have Space Ghost on his own show. Gary is rendered as an image of Space Ghost over a boiling cauldron that occasionally blinks into his real face. The real Space Ghost, feeling that Warren violated their trust as mentor and student, confronts him and Gary to reclaim his identity.
    • In "Spanish Translation", Brak was voiced by C. Martin Croker. In all other appearances, he was voiced by Andy Merrill.
    • In "Woody Allen's Fall Project", Space Ghost was played by Andy Merrill, Zorak was played by Dave Willis, and Moltar was played by Gus Jordan.
  • Talking to Himself: C. Martin Croker voices Zorak and Moltar (though his voice was pitched down electronically for Moltar's lines).
  • Trolling Creator: There's no way the uncut version of "Fire Ant" (that is, Space Ghost crawling after an ant for 10 minutes) could be seen as anything but this.
  • What Could Have Been: As it was created as a Backdoor Pilot (but broadcast after the series' launch), the episode "Baffler Meal" features outdated, preliminary versions of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force just 'cause.
    • It also shows us a new future of rock 'n' roll dominated by Colonial-era musicians, who perform a bizarre cover of "Black Dog" with fast-food-related lyrics.
    • While it was in pre-production, Hervé Villechaize was in negotiations to co-star as a sidekick of Space Ghost. Sadly, he killed himself before anything happened.
    • Certain bits of dialog in the initial draft of "Fire Ant" (as shown in "Table Read") were excised from the completed version, such as the flashback with Dr. Fishopolis; a different flashback to the old Space Ghost show; and a different opening line by Space Ghost: "Sorry I'm late. I was out saving your life... in the future!"

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