Trivia / Southland Tales

  • Actor Allusion: Richard Kelly explained that every actor in the movie is playing an exaggerated, "dramatic" version of their usual comic persona.
  • Creator Killer: The film's divisive reception and box-office failure pretty much destroyed most of the clout that Richard Kelly had built up with Donnie Darko.
  • Deleted Role: Janeane Garofalo appears dancing with Pilot Abilene at the very end. It's all that's left of her role as General Teena MacArthur, the military overseer of the Utopia tidal generator. Her storyline had her communicating with another victim of the post-Cannes trimming, Simon Theory (played by Kevin Smith), where they discussed some of the more metaphysical Technobabble-ish parts of the story.
  • Deleted Scene: A scene that never even made it into the Cannes cut involves Boxer, right after Starla gets shot, 'bleeding' back in time to the 1920s and meeting Inga von Westphalen as a young fortune teller.
  • Executive Meddling: In this interview, it seems like roughly half of Kelly's answers are "I totally explained that, but the studio made me cut it for pacing". Even Pilot Abilene's cryptic reference to black umbrellas is an orphaned Call-Back to a deleted scene where Boxer Santaros becomes unstuck in time and "bleeds" back into the 1920s.
  • Follow Up Failure: To Donnie Darko. Some called it Richard Kelly's Heaven's Gate.
  • Magnum Opus Dissonance: While Donnie Darko might have been Richard Kelly's most well-received work, this remains the one that he is the most enthusiastic about.
  • Playing Against Type: Pretty much the entire cast. See What The Hell, Casting Agency? in the YMMV page for more information.
  • What Could Have Been: Southland Tales was originally planned to be a 9 part saga, with the film representing the last 3 parts. The first 6 parts were going to be told in 6 graphic novels, but that number was later trimmed down to 3.