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For the Sorcerer movie:

  • Box Office Bomb: Budget: $21-22 million. Box-Office: $5.9 million (domestic). $9 million (worldwide).
  • Creator Killer: William Friedkin lost his Auteur License with that movie, and had an irregular career afterwards.
  • Deleted Scene: A deleted scene shows Nilo, driving the truck when the truck suddenly comes to a very steep and bumpy road down a large hill. Scanlon quickly jumps to Nilo's side to help him steer as the truck descends the hill too fast while shaking violently. This scene was cut from the film but a clip of it still remains in the sequence towards the end where Scanlon has his emotional breakdown while driving and begins having flashbacks.
  • Executive Meddling: The film's European distributor released a radically altered cut called Wages of Fear to remind audiences about the source material. It was roughly a half-hour shorter than Friedkin's cut and rearranged the prologue to appear as flashbacks within the main story. Friedkin was not amused.
  • Referenced by...: When an episode of MacGyver was using the Nitro Express plot, it picked Sorcerer, rather than The Wages of Fear, since leaking nitro, hard terrain and old, run-down truck provided an excellent ground for MacGyvering.
  • Star-Making Role: While the movie tanked and killed Friedkin's career, it still put Tangerine Dream on the map for film industry, making them one of the most popular composers for the movies in The '80s.
  • Troubled Production: It was supposed to be a "little 2.5 million in-between movie" by William Friedkin, particularly as he had just went through Hell with The Exorcist. But it turned out to be a $22 million antipode experience to Apocalypse Now (as it was primarily shot in Latin America, across the world from Coppola's Southeast Asia misadventures), with actors refusing the movie even when they liked the script due to having to travel to Ecuador and Dominican Republic, sick crewmembers (including Friedkin himself), difficult stunts and effects, and Friedkin's Prima Donna Director tendencies leading to plenty of dismissals. And then it did not perform well upon release - reviews were mixed, and audiences that weren't alienated by the Non-Indicative Title and the subtitles were more interested in Star Wars.
  • Vindicated by History: Massive bomb panned by critics upon release, the film steadily started gaining recognition just few years after release. Then its VHS release helped a lot. By now, it's reached the point where it's considered better by both critics and audiences than the French original, which aged not so well.
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